Facebook Application ScreenCast Post

Apparently the people at Facebook have been tightening the platform up recently. So this post is set up to show. Obviously the first 2 steps were already done (namely login, and add new) Now we are on creating content (which is this). Now we click on the checkmark next to Facebook…

… then make sure we select the message format…

… then the post type…

… and finally what URL to use. These are linked back to a single platform…

Now we hit publish.

We double-check everything is set, then confirm by clicking publish again.

You can publish automatically without this check by deselecting Always show pre-publish checks.

Time to publish.

Twiter Weekly Update 24.Nov.2018 – 30.Nov.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 17.Nov.2018 – 23.Nov.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 10.Nov.2018 – 16.Nov.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 03.Nov.2018 – 09.Nov.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 27.Oct.2018 – 02.Nov.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 20.Oct.2018 – 26.Oct.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 13.Oct.2018 – 19.Oct.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 06.Oct.2018 – 12.Oct.2018

Twiter Weekly Update 29.Sep.2018 – 05.Oct.2018