I feel beige today

Right now, I should be happier. I’m turning 25 on Monday, I’m doing okay at school, and I’m a lot more comfortable with myself than I’ve been in a long time. And yet, I feel beige.

Not sad, not happy, not angry, not even depressed.

Just beige.

Maybe this will help…

*heads off to eat… leaving a video behind*

Hapless noobs. So fun to pwn…

.:18·47·35:. joins: kogenlover4lyfe ([email protected]) [17 users]

.:18·47·48:. «kogenlover4lyfe» lol its not crowded

.:18·47·53:. «Kogen» lol

.:18·48·11:. «kogenlover4lyfe» so anyway

.:18·48·15:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·16:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·18:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·20:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·22:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·25:. «Noir» That’s possible?

.:18·48·27:. «Noir» lol

.:18·48·39:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i will rape you

.:18·48·42:. «kogenlover4lyfe» if you don’t love kogen

.:18·49·08:. «Noir» Are you female?

.:18·49·15:. «kogenlover4lyfe» are you gay?

.:18·49·23:. «Noir» No.

.:18·49·44:. «kogenlover4lyfe» oh because i sense gay fluids coming out of your mind

.:18·50·03:. «kogenlover4lyfe» you’re funny hahahahaha

.:18·50·23:. «Noir» You’re confusing me with Gunther (Does he even use IRC? D:)

.:18·50·28:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·31:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·34:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·34:. ~Joshu sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]*.nwrk.east.verizon.net

.:18·50·34:. [%] [Joshu] banned (kogenlover4lyfe)

.:18·50·34:. kogenlover4lyfe was kicked by ~Joshu (Don’t repeat yourself!)

.:18·51·32:. «@LSnK» 😮

.:18·51·53:. «Noir» 😮

.:18·54·22:. «Kogen» :0

.:18·55·07:. «Biafra» This is going onto my blog


I’m trying to decide whether I want to protest against the latest ‘it’ cult. For those sifting through YouTube on a daily basis, you know who I’m talking about.

Hillary V. Obama

A message for you two…

No one wants to hear the attack ads. We are tired of the castigations and the half-truths and all that BS. Can you two just shut up for one day and run a reasonably clean campaign without resorting to the ‘I’m better than you’ crap?

My Seasons Fucking Greetings Rant

To all those who read this,

It’s Xmas morning, and right now I just want to flip off the nice sunny (albeit brisk) morning brewing outside. My lazy-ass mom (who I visit for the holidays) is hollering to have shit hauled out to an already brimming over trash can after being force to wrap various little chotchkeys, my stepfather is doing what he does best, slaying in bed making Terri Schaivo impressions (though looking strangely like Saddam Hussein in the process), and his home health aide is doing her best to be blissfully unaware.

In a few hours, the relatives are all coming over. There’s the aunt and uncle from Ohio who’s two oldest kids keep overtly trying to bring me back to that fucking fraud ‘Jesus’, along with (hopefully) the 3 younger ones only; the other, more local aunt and uncle who bitch at each other and their two little hellraisers; my stepfather’s mom who’s coping mechanism is obviously busted, and all the drama associated thereof.

The last few years, the one good thing about this day (presents (sorry, but in my family, the phrase ‘Better to give than to receive’ has been proven quite false)) has to be orchestrated several months in advance, not at all unlike what takes place in the Philippines. As they string up lights in the Mall of Asia, I start leaving ideas around. By the time Columbus Day (Canadian Turkey Day) rolls around, they either know what I want, or I’m getting clothes (which I’m pretty sure I have more of than Imelda Marcos).

Well, the sounds of all the Xmas cheer (not to mention holiday noise from the radio) is coming in the room, so I’m going to put on some real music before I go all emo on the family.

MERRY FUCKING XMAS AND A HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR! (*shudder* can’t believe that’s coming up…)


Extra! Extra! Mike Huckabee Shoots Himself In The Foot!

Looks like the former Arkansas Governor failed to heed the advice given to Mitt Romney. One more example of why the liberals will take back what is rightfully theirs from the conservatives.



Message to Mitt Romney:

STOP TALKING ABOUT RELIGION YOU DOUCHE, AND PULL OUT OF THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE WHILE YOU HAVE SOME FREAKING DIGNITY!!! You may have been a halfway decent governor according to some people, but your incessant need to dodge and selectively talk about your Mormon faith is effectively shanking your campaign more efficiently than a murderer does in a child molester behind bars. Recent polling has shown that Americans DO NOT want a member of the LDS church in the White House. Nothing personal man, you just picked the wrong freaking race to run at the wrong freaking time.


Updated 2008 US Presidential Election Predictions

A while back I made a prediction as to who will win the race to become the next American President in 2008. Allow me to refine that as I left some slots vacant

Prediction: Hillary Clinton and either Barack Obama or Bill Richardson defeat anyone the Republicans throw at them.

Xmas shopping at [email protected]@r7*


Xmas shopping should be done at night time if you are planning to do it all at that place. About the only hazards you have are crates of products restocking, Floor buffers drag-stripping down the main aisles, and the nagging sound of your own fatigue.

On the plus side, I got home and was able to test out Windows Live Writer (works great w/ WordPress at present).


*: Name censored to prevent trademark lawsuit