SMS Post

Thanksgiving sucks.

Not because of the frankenturkey and such, but because of the psychotic parents on a bender. At least Xmas you get presents and shit. BAH!

{Spam?} Babble-babble…

Here’s some random webshit, byotches. After all the teacher is just reviewing and shit, might as well do something while the teacher talks (don’t worry people, I keep a tape recorder when this happens).
Today was a freaking hectic day today. It rained all morning. Halfway through my aerobic kickboxing class in the college, the power cuts out at the substation and people freak. Power was out at campus for an hour, but as a result, all 2 of my PE classes are cancelled. So I’m basically bored until this class starts at 6pm.
Now I’m struggling to stay awake. Bah!





Eye on the tropics

Quick update before I head off to class people. Humberto passed us by more or less. Though he strengthened to a hurricane prior to landfall, it came ashore far enough to the east to not be a problem…

Eye on the Tropics: T.S. Humberto

A quick little notice for people who caught the blip in the gulf bearing down on S.E. Texas… YES, there is a tropical storm heading in my direction; however, I am okay and fairly safe from the storm. Barring any severe flooding (not likely since the canal I live near is near bone-dry) I’ll be okay

Lack of power

Unfortunately, another day w/o knowing about my work-study job. Da super looked more frazzled 2day, but it’s xpected after an freak AM blackout.

2 2 = 5??? WTF

1/2 the people in the class bolted when 1 of the 4 courses meeting tonite @ 6 cancelled. They’re trying 2 scramble 2 switch before 7. Heheh!

Morning Post

Well, it’s almost 7AM and I’m about to head out to my work-study assignment for the 1st time.

Wish me luck, everyone!