Eye on the tropics

Quick update before I head off to class people. Humberto passed us by more or less. Though he strengthened to a hurricane prior to landfall, it came ashore far enough to the east to not be a problem…

Eye on the Tropics: T.S. Humberto

A quick little notice for people who caught the blip in the gulf bearing down on S.E. Texas… YES, there is a tropical storm heading in my direction; however, I am okay and fairly safe from the storm. Barring any severe flooding (not likely since the canal I live near is near bone-dry) I’ll be okay

Lack of power

Unfortunately, another day w/o knowing about my work-study job. Da super looked more frazzled 2day, but it’s xpected after an freak AM blackout.

2 2 = 5??? WTF

1/2 the people in the class bolted when 1 of the 4 courses meeting tonite @ 6 cancelled. They’re trying 2 scramble 2 switch before 7. Heheh!

Morning Post

Well, it’s almost 7AM and I’m about to head out to my work-study assignment for the 1st time.

Wish me luck, everyone!

SMS Post

Can’t sleep, clowns will eat me… just kidding about the clowns. But I am wide awake when I need to sleep. Especially when I start back at school next week. 🙂