How well do you see color?

How well do you see color?:




I got 15. Apparently I suck at teals and the pinkish ones XD;

I got 3. I suck at the colour teal only apparently.

This is actually surprising to me. While our minds are trained to recognise reds and yellows. Our eyes pick up green the best :B Buuuut. I guess with it being on the blue side less surprising. Our eyes struggle the bluer and more violet colours due our eyes not picking up higher wavelengths! \o/ (The sky scatters an indigo-blue FYI, we just can’t see the the purple side of it too well.)

(Also here’s my results)

Also yes. I did just nerd this post up.


This made my eyes go weird trying to do it X.x Fffffff.

Here’s mine: