Twits at Ten for 2012-04-25

  • Playing Sonic Generations. #
  • I HAVE NYANED FOR 846823323.8 SECONDS! via @nyannyancat #
  • @SYAMiNGLi They won't, which is why you need to do the exact opposite of what they want. #
  • @Dragoneer It's a federal and state tax thing. The has companies have no control over that. #
  • @SYAMiNGLi Here's what to do: Find the oddest shade to dye your hair & the biggest nosering to wear. Sometimes family needs a bitch-slapping #
  • @Max_Firestorm Amstrad CPC or Amstrad PCW? #
  • @SYAMiNGLi I suggest getting them done fast & then having a 2-day caffeine bender before the service. I did the same when my stepdad died. #