Some males are no better than women

My douchebag stepbrother, since my stepdad’s demise, has beaten his wife up, left her to shack up with her uncle’s wife for several months, and now is arrested for Possesion with Intent to Distribute – Meth & Child Endangerment. As a result, his wife had the house she and her mother lived in (which is in both my stepbrother and his wife’s names) seized by the police. The contents are safely tucked away, largely because of advance warning. Mom opened up our house to both her and her mom until they find an apartment, and they brought over their pets.

One of them is a fat male weinerdog who is the most neurotic I have ever met. When his owners are gone, he whimpers for attention, but won’t let anyone give it to him. The whimpering is starting to drive me crazy. Any ideas on how to deal, people?

7075 Avenue R, Santa Fe, TX, USA