It’s almost six in the morning, and largely because of the lack of a job since mid-September (of which I’ve nearly exhausted all sources of employment to alleviate that fact), I have nothing to so aside from sitting in front of my PC and writing about it on my barely used blog. Sleeping doesn’t help matters much either…

FUCK! I’m BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some males are no better than women

My douchebag stepbrother, since my stepdad’s demise, has beaten his wife up, left her to shack up with her uncle’s wife for several months, and now is arrested for Possesion with Intent to Distribute – Meth & Child Endangerment. As a result, his wife had the house she and her mother lived in (which is in both my stepbrother and his wife’s names) seized by the police. The contents are safely tucked away, largely because of advance warning. Mom opened up our house to both her and her mom until they find an apartment, and they brought over their pets.

One of them is a fat male weinerdog who is the most neurotic I have ever met. When his owners are gone, he whimpers for attention, but won’t let anyone give it to him. The whimpering is starting to drive me crazy. Any ideas on how to deal, people?

SCAM ALERT: Dante Marketing, LLC

I just left the local bank with mom, who came in to file a charge dispute. Three of these charges came from a company in Florida called “Dante Marketing, LLC”. They go by various names, such as “IDProtect”, “IdentitySweep”, and other unknown names. It turns out that these people were charging my mom up the wazoo monthly for services she never ordered. After doing some research online, I found out my mom wasn’t the only victim. Several people reported online about how they were ripped off by this entity.

Mom was lucky, as the bank was able to get them to refund the charges, before she cancelled the check card they used to charge my mom. However, there are others out there who might have been ripped off. So be on the lookout for these people in your bank statements.

Live Spaces on life support (and other bad jokes)

Been a while since I posted from here and out into the world, but a quick update for those not in the know.

Family’s been doing fine for the most part, the sole exception being my brat of a nephew who came over to Texas seemingly to consume like a locust swarm… Suffice to say, it didn’t work out, and after he nearly got ran out of the county because of an altercation that got the law involved, he ran off to his mother’s place out of state.

Speaking of family issues, my mom celebrated her 1 year anniversary of my stepdad’s passing away back in August, crying for three days while holding his ashes. Shortly after he died back in 2009, mom found that she had breast cancer. Fortunately, it got caught in time and over the course of the past year, received chemotherapy and radiation.

I ended up taking a summer job this past summer at a local water park, which out here takes a lot out of you. On the plus side, I saved enough money to rent my textbooks for fall and buy myself a new BlackBerry(R) Curve 8530.

Right now, I’m in my usual state of post-Thanksgiving blah, further being compounded by being a publicly-closeted gay man (in an area that is decidedly


a gay mecca) and a furry without a significant other. I’m planning out my tax refund to be received late Jan-early Feb 2011, of which I plan on building a new computer.

Finally, a quick note to all people catching my blog mirror on Windows Live, this will be the last post mirrored onto Windows Live Spaces, as Microsoft is closing it down and migrating everyone to hosted blogs. Since I self-host the main blog mirror and crosspost using WordPress and/or notify the mirrors and such on other services (LiveJournal, MySpace, Twitter, etc…) I have decided to just delete the Spaces crossposting plugin for WordPress off of the main blog mirror after this post and save my Windows Live Spaces blog mirror contents for offline consumption and possible upload, then delete the blog mirror. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.