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  • @uncutcg That's because those 2 cops in Ferguson only got wounded. If they were killed, you can bet their lives would have been dissected… in reply to uncutcg ->
  • @gogobmn Give me a poke when you have a chance, it is regarding the still down SSR. ->
  • RT @thekevineva: "Would you be interested in starting a career in IT?"

    "….." ->

  • RT @ChrisWarcraft: So Jaguar's doing a "Mark Your Territory" sales event. Does that mean if I… uh, a friend, pees on one of their cars, iā€¦ ->
  • 4 more days until St. Patrick's Day and I still have nothing on my plate… ->
  • @ruskertweets I am disappoint. šŸ™ in reply to ruskertweets ->
  • @Spanyu You should never do all drives at once. It will choke out your CPU. in reply to Spanyu ->
  • RT @itsALICEduh: The Legend of…. ->
  • @Huepow00 Yes, that's how it always starts. Then there's the running, and the screaming, and the alien space clothing… in reply to Huepow00 ->
  • RT @roareyraccoon: To me, part of the experience of depression isn't the feeling that the world isn't beautiful, but that one isn't a part ā€¦ ->
  • RT @roareyraccoon: A feeling in your bones that all this just isn't meant for you. ->
  • Fucking insomnia, fucking sinuses… I need to stay in bed, but I can't… ->

Twiter Weekly Update 28.Feb.2015 – 06.Mar.2015