Twiter Weekly Update 21.May.2016 – 27.May.2016

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  • E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 30.Apr.2016 – 06.May.2016" ->
  • Picked up at the local @GameStop along with a $10 Nintendo eShop card ->
  • If anyone asks, this Darkrai code us mine. I might consider visiting another store to get one for giveaway ->
  • @Pokemon Question 1: How do Puerto Ricans get Darkrai codes for the #Pokemon20 promo w/ GameStop no longer operating on the island? ->
  • @Pokemon Question 2: If there will be no provision Puerto Ricans, are we allowed to send codes we get from GameStop to friends/family there? ->
  • Here is a Darkrai GameStop Mythical Pokemon code for 3DS (US GameStop code): A5Z369MQE55QA2JW … first come first serve ->
  • RT @TheCoffeeSnolf: I just want to live in a society where a chicken can just cross the road without it's motives being questioned… https… ->
  • RT @TheCoffeeSnolf: At least his horse has night vision now ->

Twiter Weekly Update 30.Apr.2016 – 06.May.2016