Twits at Ten for 2012-01-29

  • Still deciding on my dinner… There's not much out there until I can get some money together on Wednesday. #
  • Trying to decide what to have for dinner… #
  • @Akhmin @ValorB Though personally, Louisiana would be a valid guess 😛 #
  • @ValorB If you can, stop over at Fuddrucker's in St. Pete. You'll be glad you did. #

Twits at Ten for 2012-01-28

  • @spexfox Need a hug? #
  • @philvgersims Save it for the resolution center, Vger #
  • Good morning, twitterati. What havoc shall be wrought today? #
  • @ValorB Nah, though you could use a slightly larger font. #
  • @sonicyoda @discoponies @SYAMiNGLi Convicted? Hell, it'll be public when he's arrested. #
  • @spexfox Damn… Drop me a line if you need a sound board. #
  • Dammit IRS… Where's my fucking tax refund? #
  • @Xial Try @Seesmic and @chirpr #
  • @Abbywolfox Only one way to find out… 😛 #

Twits at Ten for 2012-01-27

  • @xkeepah Even money it's heroin or some other opiate then. They're easy to flush out and can cause shit coding like this. #
  • @xkeepah I believe the questions are: a.) Is there such as thing as sane programing, and b.) What was the coder smoking? #
  • @Det_Conan_Kudo Well, Samsung is Samsung… #
  • @roareyraccoon If you think that's trippy, just wait until you hit the 36 hour mark. #
  • @Det_Conan_Kudo Sonic 4 Episode 1 is optimized for Tegra 2 devices #