Twiter Weekly Update 16.May.2015 – 22.May.2015

Twiter Weekly Update 02.May.2015 – 08.May.2015

  • E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 25.Apr.2015 – 01.May.2015" ->
  • @ValorB Get some .@redbull … it will help. in reply to ValorB ->
  • @ValorB Don't they have vending machines on-site? in reply to ValorB ->
  • @ValorB ouch in reply to ValorB ->
  • I found 116 people do not follow me back via ->
  • An appeal to all my friends in the UK, whether they're red, blue, purple, yellow, green, or mauve: VOTE today and make your voice heard! ->
  • I would say VOTE CTHULU but he's a US citizen (and running in the 2016 presidential election again) #GE2015 ->
  • *reads uk general election results* *sad face* ->
  • RT @theletterzed: For American viewers: The wildlings voted SNP, the South thought Joffrey was doing a great job so want another 5 years. T… ->
  • RT @ShiroSirius: If there's one beautiful thing we can take away from this election, it's this ->
  • If I wasn't needing it right now, I'd pour you a stiff drink. ->
  • All the Labour candidates who lost seem to be graduates of the Michael Portillo School of Graciousness In Defeat ->
  • RT @SquidGaming: ->
  • @JohnCleese They will only do so after the public inquiry tries and fails to whitewash their failure. in reply to JohnCleese ->
  • @roareyraccoon Mainly it's to separate their NWS and SFW output. (At least, it's why I have an after dark twitter…) in reply to roareyraccoon ->
  • @MensHumor I think I remember this box… in reply to MensHumor ->
  • Apparently you have to be 18 or older now to buy windshield washer fluid. #KidsDoTheWeirdestShitToGetHigh ->
  • Was watching Sword Art Online S1 again, and realized something. After talking 2 months and thinning the herd by ~2000 to beat the L1 boss > ->
  • > they proceed to clear the next 73 in just under 22 months (685 days to be precise) spending an avg of 9days 9hrs 12min 19.725696s / floor> ->
  • > If their boss defeating rate held steady, they would have reached floor 100 and cleared Aincrad in 243d 23h 20m 32.8992s, on 18 June 2025> ->
  • > If so, why would Kirito agree to pvp w/ Heathcliff/Kayaba to clear the game automatically even though the end was practically in sight? ->
  • End dissection of anime, back to mindless fun watching SAO ->

Twiter Weekly Update 25.Apr.2015 – 01.May.2015