Twits at Ten for 2012-05-31

  • Okay… Time to get some dinner made…. #
  • @HiroRwar In donkey's? Is that some new thing you kids are using in private? #
  • Dunno what's more sad: this or USA TODAY reporting it – RT @chalupatime: @AndreaLibman Hasbro is selling Derpy toys!!!" #
  • @Svend_SPOnG Oh, a wise guy, eh? Batman looks like a gay Centauri from Babylon 5 with a BDSM fetish 😛 #
  • @Svend_SPOnG Okay… Constructive criticism time. Batman mask does not look good on you. I'd go for a Green Lantern one. #
  • @ValorB Needs someone trying to rob the place only to get shot by someone with armor and guns who stumbles into the situation… #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-30

  • @Akhmin No prob. At least you got brought up with the honorable mentions… #
  • @philvgersims Actually studies out of Purdue University show that for people with severe writer's block, getting mooned helps break it. #
  • @philvgersims *drops his pants and moons you* #
  • @Svend_SPOnG … 2.) It's THE firmware update independent way to install Homebrew onto your Wii. #
  • @Svend_SPOnG Fuck that. Brawl is infinitely better for two reasons: 1.) It settles all argument as to who the better corporate mascot is… #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-29

  • @BedtimeVixen Could always juryrig a set 😉 #
  • @spexfox Sadly no here. Hoping to save enough money for another con next year. #
  • @ValorB In order, Don't know, No, Hell Yes, and Only if you want to get potentially sued by the Tolkien estate. #
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Gwibber test… #
  • @TitansCreed Clearly You haven't seen Michelle Yeoh kick ass as a Bond girl #
  • @ValorB Or in my case, when you can turn @philvgersims port into non-alcoholic beer #
  • @philvgersims That's never stopped you before. #
  • @philvgersims Also, Don't listen to @TitansCreed @GavvieUK about Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies is the shit! #
  • @philvgersims Update JIT2. #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-28

  • @BedtimeVixen Bah! If you weren't private on this account I'd retweet this. #
  • @Abbywolfox People are in use by another process. (Retry/Skip/Cancel?) #
  • @BedtimeVixen 😉 #
  • @Akhmin Yeah. This is why I don't use DA much anymore. Too many tracers… #
  • @Akhmin Tell me about it. That's the main reason I sent you the contest link. #
  • @Akhmin Post the link in the comments on that page #
  • @Akhmin Great! Don't forget to post it in the contest here: #
  • @Svend_SPOnG Tell work the service is starting to suck. #
  • @Svend_SPOnG Why not just take it to a new carrier? #
  • @philvgersims Lucky stiff. It needs to show in the US #
  • @Akhmin I suggest either the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google Play or (if you want to play both Sonic 4 epsiodes on it) the HTC One X. #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-27

  • @DarkOverord There's one thing that causes most people to balk: The £500 deposit which is forfeited if you don't get 5% of the vote #
  • @Akhmin Lucky stiff #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-26

  • @Akhmin Saw this, thought of you first: #
  • @summerofsonic Wave 2 tickets sold out in 48s. I'm thinking next year @dreadknux might want to consider the Excel Centre. #
  • Stand by for the @summerofsonic ticket stampede #
  • @tssznews Dolls. Plural. There are many out there… #
  • Less than 45 minutes until @summerofsonic Wave 2 tickets are available #
  • @TheMTwinny That's because the NYC area largely extends over northern NJ #
  • @Det_Conan_Kudo Easy if you use Sprint #
  • @ValorB Wrong Birmingham #
  • @ShaddixHawks Yes, I know that 29 is also taking place in Madison Square Garden, but it is tradition, after all. #
  • @ShaddixHawks #Wrestlemania30inLondon is not going to happen. All WrestleMania that are multiples of 10 are in NYC at Madison Square Garden. #
  • @GodsLandGodsLaw Actually, studies have shown that heterosexual Christan wonen are more likely to molest children than gays and lesbians. #
  • @Shadow5talker04 Yeah, I saw that. That fucker and his family should not be allowed to breed or adopt. #
  • The second Follow Friday Special goes to @summerofsonic with the second wave of tickets becoming available in less than 4 hours. #ff #
  • The first Follow Friday Special goes to Lady Nemain herself, @Akhmin in celebration of her vanquishing the spambots… #ff #
  • Only two Follow Friday specials this week. Originally going to be 3, but the special wheel landed on K, &I have no followers starting with K #
  • #ff winners: @spexfox @DarkOverord @TitansCreed @blitzchris @m1kepro @thekevineva @UrthyBewbs @xkeepah @RudeChan @lynxdarkwynd @ValorB @Xial #
  • Follow Friday Keno in less than two minutes #ff #
  • @ValorB Wow. Those people make Walmart seem honest. #
  • @Zeenoside They settled that two months ago. Mojang gets to use the name for their game, and nothing else. Bethesda gets the trademark. #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-25

  • @GodsLandGodsLaw Okay, I have to ask about this libtard crud… Are you trying to out-Dubya Dubya in the making up words department? #
  • @TeamChaotix The latter are a pair cousins caught doing the nasty. #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-24

  • @frankieboyle Sounds like most political shows I watch. What makes yours stand out? #
  • @tssznews Stick with the news. It's the one thing you're remotely good at. #
  • @tssznews I would suggest joining up with another established forum, but you already pissed off the people running at least two of them… #
  • @Akhmin Really, most of my twitter-related spam comes from follow messages. I don't bother following them back unless I know who they are #
  • Nothing yet from the interview from last Monday… #
  • @xkeepahPLUS This is why you need to duct tape his hands to the ceiling, aim his cock into since bleach, & force feed him gallons of water. #
  • @frankieboyle The bigger question should be why did Didier allow them to be made in Cuba, when theVietnamese provide superior stitching… #
  • @Akhmin Pleather might not be all that ideal for July in Brighton, unless you make sure it is made of polyurethane. #
  • @Akhmin Are you sure there's enough material for a Bayonetta costume in the UK? #
  • @Svend_SPOnG If both bans are upheld, according to the Wired article, this could get messy for both sides… #
  • @Svend_SPOnG This of course comes after an import ban on Motorola Mobility tablets & smartphones (currently under review by President Obama) #
  • @Det_Conan_Kudo Because, they are assholes #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-23

  • @philvgersims Because all the port has aged your body enough to trigger an early version of the mid-life crisis. #
  • @Svend_SPOnG Yeah. Nintendo tapped into a new demographic with the Wii. I suspect they'll raise the bar further with the Wii U. #
  • @Svend_SPOnG Haven't played much Castlevania since Symphony of the Night… #
  • @UrthyBewbs The closest thing I ever had to a holiday was evacuating from Hurricane Ike. #
  • @UrthyBewbs @Akhmin You'll have to get in line behind every Physical Education program in every school in the US #
  • @m1kepro Saw this, thought of you. Warning: might contain mocking of the dead… #
  • @NegriElectronic Sure, I'll take a chance at it if it comes to that level. #
  • @LupineAssassin If you think that's bad, wait until you realize that he won't get deported over this either… #
  • @LupineAssassin Who knows. The wife might have been smart enough to get an advantageous pre-nup #

Twits at Ten for 2012-05-22

  • @thekevineva I used to have it on the same tape the crap New World edit of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Transformers the Movie… #
  • @NegriElectronic Any time limit? #
  • @Svend_SPOnG First, the world doesn't revolve around iOS alive. Android is there as well. Second, why are you even bothering with mkv files? #
  • @Dragoneer Did you order anything beef (as opposed to chicken or steak)? #
  • @UrthyBewbs Dunno. Repressed sadomasochistic tendencies towards Disney characters, perhaps? #
  • Post-Interview Waiting, Businesses Day 5… Also missed yesterday's annular eclipse (which was a partial one where I live…) #
  • @Abbywolfox Atta-wolfox! Life would be easier if workers could just rip into the customers at their pleasure sans official recourse… #