I feel beige today

Right now, I should be happier. I’m turning 25 on Monday, I’m doing okay at school, and I’m a lot more comfortable with myself than I’ve been in a long time. And yet, I feel beige.

Not sad, not happy, not angry, not even depressed.

Just beige.

Maybe this will help…

*heads off to eat… leaving a video behind*

Hapless noobs. So fun to pwn…

.:18·47·35:. joins: kogenlover4lyfe ([email protected]) [17 users]

.:18·47·48:. «kogenlover4lyfe» lol its not crowded

.:18·47·53:. «Kogen» lol

.:18·48·11:. «kogenlover4lyfe» so anyway

.:18·48·15:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·16:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·18:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·20:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·22:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i <3 kogen

.:18·48·25:. «Noir» That’s possible?

.:18·48·27:. «Noir» lol

.:18·48·39:. «kogenlover4lyfe» i will rape you

.:18·48·42:. «kogenlover4lyfe» if you don’t love kogen

.:18·49·08:. «Noir» Are you female?

.:18·49·15:. «kogenlover4lyfe» are you gay?

.:18·49·23:. «Noir» No.

.:18·49·44:. «kogenlover4lyfe» oh because i sense gay fluids coming out of your mind

.:18·50·03:. «kogenlover4lyfe» you’re funny hahahahaha

.:18·50·23:. «Noir» You’re confusing me with Gunther (Does he even use IRC? D:)

.:18·50·28:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·31:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·34:. «kogenlover4lyfe» noob

.:18·50·34:. ~Joshu sets mode: +b *!*chatzilla@*.nwrk.east.verizon.net

.:18·50·34:. [%] [Joshu] banned (kogenlover4lyfe)

.:18·50·34:. kogenlover4lyfe was kicked by ~Joshu (Don’t repeat yourself!)

.:18·51·32:. «@LSnK» 😮

.:18·51·53:. «Noir» 😮

.:18·54·22:. «Kogen» :0

.:18·55·07:. «Biafra» This is going onto my blog


I’m trying to decide whether I want to protest against the latest ‘it’ cult. For those sifting through YouTube on a daily basis, you know who I’m talking about.

Hillary V. Obama

A message for you two…

No one wants to hear the attack ads. We are tired of the castigations and the half-truths and all that BS. Can you two just shut up for one day and run a reasonably clean campaign without resorting to the ‘I’m better than you’ crap?