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Spam: Just don’t.

From: jhjhjh ggddgf (email withheld)
To: (my Gmail account)
Subject: hi Dear friend!
Hi My name is Neollita. How are you doing today over there and how about your health? i hope that you are doing great and your Family, i just saw your profile here and i want to make friendship with you to discus a lot of things with you, what is your opinion about this? please reply me back so that i will tell you all details about me with my photo. thanks.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you,

Yours lovely, Neollita

Dear Neollita,

My health and well being are none of your concern. You have nothing that interests me, and spamming me for a photo is not going to net you what you want.

Die in a fire you stupid cunt.

Biafra Republic

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