Eve Online and the Council of Stellar Management 10 elections

As some of you are well enough aware, I decided to give EVE online a try six months ago after being pushed into it by several people during the last Steam Summer Sale. I initially went into the game deciding to use my trial period and that was it. Then I started playing.

Sixteen hours later, I had used my PLEX from buying EVE on Steam to renew up my subscription and keep playing and I was hooked in, doing all the high-sec things and not having a care in the world.

After a couple of months sitting in my Starter NPC corporation, I decided to find a player-run corp of my own, and after a search around, joined the furry corp SergalJerk over at TEST Alliance.

Recently, EVE announced the opening of the election season for their “Council of Stellar Management”. ¬†For those of you who don’t know what that is, picture the European Parliament, only smaller and in space. That should give you a close approximation of what it is and what it does. For the finer points, you can go here and take a peek. The elections use Single Transferrable vote, which means that I have to rank my choices (up to 14, to be precise), and therein lies the challenge.

Our alliance has a very fine candidate, Migui, who jumped into the ring and has an excellent platform and have decided to give him place, preeminence, and preference at the top. But then I wondered, what about the other 13 spaces I have left, and have to choose from a pool of 76 other candidates? What about the other members of my alliance, who have still not posted an official ballot?

I have decided to post who I am voting for based on the following criteria:

1.) Candidates must have a candidacy post on the EVE Online CSM Campaigns subforum AND and interview with the fine people over at CapStable. That alone cuts out half the pool, but it shows a demonstration of commitment to getting elected to the masses in my opinion.

2.) Any remaining candidates must not be in simply to troll the process. This gets rid of several candidates that escaped the first culling above.

The remaining candidates, I have listened to and read the analyses, read their forum posts in the campaigns thread, and made hard decisions to put out MY ballot that I will be casting for the elections for the Tenth CSM.

You can view said ballot over here on Google Docs.