Twits at Ten for 2012-03-28

  • @Xial Reboot your router and clean all cookies and cache. That might help. #
  • @Xial Tumblr must be basing it on IP addresses that report missing e was being used. #
  • @Xial I don't think tumblr has a problem with missing e, it just wants you to acknowledge that if something breaks, it's not their fault. #
  • @lynxdarkwynd Thankfully, Jehovah's Witnesses are easy targets. #
  • @lynxdarkwynd The comeuppance machine gave many ideas. My favorite: "If a test determined your child would be born gay, would you abort it?" #
  • @lynxdarkwynd Does it show who the pamphlet is by? I ask because my comeuppance machine usually has a wiry retort for such occasions 🙂 #
  • @Xial Question is, what did it do to get a -1 before? #