McCain is going to lose Part Deux: Change we can achieve vs. America’s Hottest Governor

“Why did you do that? You realize he thinks you’re trying to get him into a three-way with us now, don’t you?”
– Dante Hicks from “Clerks II”

It’s now official, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has officially jumped onto the bad ship Lolipop (a.k.a. the John McCain Republican ticket), surprising (read: completely pissing off) the party elders. Palin, elected in 2006, is barely in her first term as governor, when McCain asked if he could tap that her to be his running mate. Since her only political credentials are:

  1. America’s Hottest Governor (according to News@AOL)
  2. Membership in the National Rifle Association
  3. Having a kid in iRaq
  4. Not having an abortion

One can only come to the following conclusion (and mind you this is pure conjecture, based on prior scandals, personal bias, etc. and should not really be taken seriously, but fills all the facts, since McCain is a complete hypocrite for appointing her after railing against Obama’s inexperience)

  • McCain wants to get him, his wife Cindi, and Palin together in a three-way

More updating goodness

After running through my update parade, I hopefully plan on putting out more of my podcasting. More to come (when I can remember…)

…got sM*A*S*Hed?

Drink 2 bottles of water for every 2 shots (2 longnecks of beer). It works. Especially after watching several reruns of everyone’s favorite medical drama (and I don’t mean Grey’s Anatomy).

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Too funny to describe…

I found this floating on my AIM account’s ’email’. Read on if you dare.


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Subject: FUCK AOL’s birthday is tomorrow (Jul. 21)

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